This is a list of delightful flavours all homemade using the best quality ingredients available in the trade. The extent of them by no means the limit! If you have a favourite and it doesn’t appear then all you have to do is put in your request!

Jam and vanilla Victoria
Vanilla Victoria
White chocolate vanilla
White chocolate and raspberry jam
Plain jam Victoria sponge
Lemon drizzle
Lime drizzle (with or without coconut)
Orange drizzle
Rich chocolate fudge/ganache

Light chocolate buttercream sponge
Matured Fruit cake
Red velvet
Ginger cake
Coffee sponge
Coffee and walnut sponge
Toffee/butterscotch sponge
Banoffee- light banana sponge with toffee filling
Chocolate and Hazelnut
Chocolate and Vanilla Marble cake

All cakes are made in a studio where nuts including marzipan are used widely so therefore cannot be guaranteed to be free from nut traces.
All recipes use gluten flour, however there are gluten free options available on request and made specifically to order.
All traditional Victoria sponge cake based flavours are dairy free, but others contain milk or butter. Please use the contact page provided to ask for more specific information you may require.
All recipes use egg. The eggs themselves are 100% free range coming from the chickens left to roam the fields on Our farm.
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